Nature Lunchbox also sells stainless steel water bottles with included carabiner clip and are free of plastic mouthpieces, which can often be difficult to clean and can harbour germs. Our BPA free water bottles all hold 750 ml and are sleek and attractive, and have a very long lifespan. If you like ice blocks in your bottle during hot weather our wide mouth design will also allow you to add as many as you wish! We have ensured that our bottleā€™s lids have an easily removable silicone gasket to ensure that a thorough clean is possible. At Nature Lunchbox, we are particularly passionate about our products remaining as natural as possible. Therefore, we have avoided all paints on our bottles and have instead opted for a smooth plain finish to prevent any toxic paint flaking off and into the water. We are providing stainless steel water bottles in Australia at competitive prices. Each bottle is naturally completely BPA/BPS and phthalate free, and in purchasing stainless steel you will be supporting the environment- and your health- by rejecting single use plastic.

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