BPA, Phthalates & BPS free, designed with you in mind.


Food grade stainless steel is used to ensure a high quality. Easily cleaned, non porous and resistant to bacteria unlike plastic containers which degrade over time.


Waste free and non toxic solution to packing lunches. Help reduce the use of plastics, a fraction of which are recyclable.

"We took the Nature Lunch Box set of 5 away with us on a camping trip and found it to be one of most versatile and functional lunch sets we have ever used. Larger containers were used for meals and salad, the smaller ones for fruit snacks and nuts. The lids were well designed, and the whole set packed into each other once all the food was eaten making packing up a breeze."

− Lisa, Ivanhoe Victoria

"I have been concerned about the effects of plastics for health reasons and have started using a Nature Lunch Box container to take my food to work. Aside from it being well designed and attractive, there is enough space for a big sandwich and snack. I am happily contributing to the zero-waste movement!"

− Nic, Princess Hill, Victoria

Nature Lunchbox specialises in providing families with high quality non toxic lunchboxes made entirely of stainless steel. Whether you are purchasing our lunchboxes due to an awareness of health issues associated with plastic, or because you are concerned about environmental pollution, our low profit model combined with our passion for sourcing the best products has made us a leading provider of kids lunchboxes, bento lunchboxes and stainless steel lunchboxes which are suitable for corporate or camping use.

Our stainless steel lunchboxes are a healthy alternative to the ever present cheap plastic containers. As most plastics linger in the environment and causing pollution, our products are 100% recyclable. Inevitably they are much longer lasting than plastic containers which begin degrading after some use, and leaking toxic substances such as BPA/BPS and phthalates into your food.

Our three tier lunchbox will carry lunch, recess and snacks in one compact package, leaving you with more room in your bag, and less time washing up multiple lunchboxes. Our Premium Kid’s Lunchbox is designed in a square shape to suit a traditional sandwich, and our Lunchbox with Clips is watertight and perfect for carrying soups and other liquid foods. Our extremely popular sets all sport tight fitting lids and are the perfect non toxic lunchboxes to show off on your picnic rug!